These are photographs of our baby Aurey, from birth until her first birthday.

November 27, 2002 - November 27, 2003

Brand New Aurey One Month Old Six Weeks
Two Months Old Posing Leslie's Farewell
Afternoon Visit Friday Night Blue Eyes
At Helen's Poses At Home
Fun at Gran's Sleeping Beauties Happy Pictures
No April Fool! Motti's Birthday Swimming Lesson
Mom's Birthday Motti's Photos Bath Time
At Gran's Sally's Blanket In the Park
Gran R's Hat Going for a Walk On the Lawn
Shavuot Busy Girl New Hat
Good Hair Day Last Swimming Lesson Bath Time Again
Another New Hat Leanne and ... Saturday at Louis
for Kate & Sonu visiting gran Saturday morning
At the Airport Netta's Birthday Monday at Gran's
Rosh Hashana October 2 October 4
October 6 October 30 Jeannie's Socks
At Gan Raggedy Ann Aurey's First Birthday

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Aurey from her second birthday

Baby Tamar Rose