My Hobbies

This is a real "show-off" site!
I love my hobbies - I find handwork relaxing, and enormously satisfying.
"Sharing" these pictures really is showing off.

old collage

I love making collages; I think they're a great way of telling personal stories. This one was made from very old photographs - one is even dated 1819!

These are two Romanian Macrame doilies I have in my living room.

Romanian Macrame Romanian Macrame Round

Here are some of my embroideries. This one uses almost every kind of embroidery stitch that exists -

all stitches

This one is linen thread on linen - I really enjoy working with different textures.


And this is ...


a homemade corkboard!

My shell mirror


I have "collections", of course (dust collectors!). My favorite, second to my miniatures, is my shell collection.

sea shells

Here I have to mention my tatting. First, my shuttle display. This is the last project my late father made before he passed away:

shuttle display

And - my tatting: